Happily Curated Chaos

we are joey, lana, & atlas. full-time Family travel journalists

We love spaces + Places : This is our STORY

So, in the in-between, we created a vacation space for others, The Rich Hippies House. We got to make a pretty space for vacationers and people with something to celebrate to enjoy while we worked on our big, gigantic, massive, life-changing plan to leave the States in the summer of 2019 to explore the world with our boy.

This page became kind-of a place holder while we were working out the details, but now we have a plan we love. Excitement creeps into our every day while we scheme and map out all the things we want to experience and watch our son experience.

In January 2019, the purge began. We bid farewell to our belongings, piece by piece until we are down to a suitcase each. Then we were off to explore the world. Our goals are to live with less things, and more of each other. To share our experiences and encourage others to take a leap. We are sharing both the curated and the chaotic of full time family travel.

Back in the day, way back in the day, there is a tiny chance you may have known us from our home improvement blog, “Making A House A Home”. We enthusiastically DIYed our way through 6,000 sq/ft of Tudor in New York for 5 years. It’s there that we fell in love with well designed spaces. That home was the reason we put travel on hold. Closing on the house of our dreams was the reason we cancelled our 8 week Honeymoon road trip through France and Italy. Oh, if we could go back in time we would have made a different decision.

We had a child in the house. A boy we named Atlas. We spent the first year of his life practicing our parenting uninterrupted. It’s been over 6 years now and we haven’t gone back to “work”. We had some bumps, some family decisions to make, and being people who love hard and fully - our plans to travel the world got pushed back year after year to stand next to those who needed us.

In 2019 Lana released her first publications, Yoga for Littles.

Our joint project, The Rich Hippies House.

xoxo, joey + lana