22 Magical Vegan Spots in Italy!

Italy went from being a super non-vegan friendly situation, to being an incredible place for vegans once we figures some stuff out. We started in Florence, which had limitations, but when we found the good stuff, it was so good, it may bring tears to your eyes! As we wandered through the nooks, we found some truly special talent and we can’t wait to share everything below! We have a goal to grow this list of 22 vegan spots in Italy to 200. Welcome to the first dedicated vegan post/ If you want to know more about the “why vegan” commitment, drop down below to the bottom of this vegan list to see our story.

If you want vegan food clips in real time, we always update our stories here!

The truly exceptional stuff (in order of deliciousness):

Tenoha / Milan

We went here three times. We were only in Milan a week, but we know what good ramen tastes like, and it’s been a while since we had any. I was disappointed when we went the first time, when they brought out what looked like a bowl of hot soy milk and not much else. I was so wrong. So very wrong. This may be the best vegan ramen I have ever had in my life and I would go back to Milan, just to eat here. Attached to a very cool concept shop and another cafe. Highly recommended, and not overpriced.

vegan ramen in Milan | Tenoha

vegan ramen in Milan | Tenoha

vegan ramen | milan

vegan ramen | milan

Brac / Florence

This place was so good. We were able to go twice. It’s super dreamy, non-pretentious, and very delicious. I love how they give you the option to pick three offerings (a salad, a baked, a pasta) and plate it. Even seemingly simple dishes were done exceptionally well. I would recommend a reservation for dinner time. It’s all vegetarian and vegan, which is always a bonus.

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan flroence | brac

vegan flroence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

vegan florence | brac

Sani Sapori / Bergamo

Another super unexpected brilliant find! Mostly vegan, with a vegetarian plate here and there. Menu changed daily. Everything was so good! It was great for take away, or eating in. We ate here three times in two weeks and had done both options to take away and eat in and loved both experiences. You get that very home cooked feel, with a twist of modern takes.

2019-07-09 18.29.22.jpg
2019-07-07 13.27.56.jpg

Dolce Vita / Bergamo

Get your camera phone ready! You will be tempted to take pics of your food here. It was amazing to find such a great vegan breakfast spot in Bergamo. Very unexpected how vegan friendly the whole region of Norther Italy truly is! This place has the prettiest food, and it’s also super delicious and very well priced. The waffles are stand out. Coffee is solid. They also have a bakery and we got cookies to take away for our road trip. We went three times, and it never disappointed.

Punjab / Lecco on Lake Como

It’s strange the best Indian food I have ever eaten was in Italy. Also the best ramen. I truly believe Italians love food and doing it with love and care. When you add that spirit to those who immigrated with a passion for food, magic happens. I had to ask to alter a dish to be vegan, but it was incredible and I have craved it many times over. It was a kofta dish in a tomato based sauce. There aren’t a ton of options in Lecco, so this would be my first stop if you are visiting.

2019-07-07 13.55.26.jpg
2019-07-06 10.37.18.jpg
2019-07-06 10.35.17.jpg
2019-07-11 10.27.11.jpg

Lov / Florence

This place feels like an enchanted forest. We had a very lovely lunch here and it was all delicious. Atlas even tried some new food and liked it, which is no small feat. It’s an easy foot bridge over from the heart of Florence, and worth it.

2019-06-25 13.15.06.jpg
Photo Jun 25, 2 14 03 PM.jpg
2019-06-25 13.43.36.jpg

Il Bio Dei Medici / Florence

A long walk from where were staying, but very much worth it. I loved the interior and the food equally. There was no menu, we were only told what was offered that day, and it was all delicious. La Fate is fully vegan.

2019-06-24 15.05.54.jpg
2019-06-24 14.18.33.jpg
2019-06-24 13.44.07-1.jpg

Konnubio / Florence

A truly beautiful restaurant filled with light and style. It was a great place to break from the day. Limited options for vegans, but the vegan soup was incredible and unexpected. Admittedly not a lot to chose from, but what they have is worth the visit.

Photo Jun 23, 12 39 01 PM.jpg

Sbrino Gelato Contadino / Florence

Always a line, and for good reason. This stuff is gold. Vegan options are separated to the right - this is important information! People get crabby if you din’t know the system and hot up their gelato-getting. Once you know vegan-to-the-right, flavors are clearly marked. They even have a vegan cone option.

Gelato Florence.jpg

Naturangolo di Alessandro Mandelli / Osnago

We loved this spot! Such nice folks running and cooking the colorful meals. Everything was delicious and the desserts were stand out. We wanted to go back more, but we had limited time after we found them. I would suggest ordering as many plates as you can and sharing, everything was delicious!

2019-07-05 14.07.20.jpg
2019-07-05 14.07.33.jpg
2019-07-05 14.07.53.jpg

Lucca Cooking Class / Lucca

We did a bigger post about Lucca, but it’s worth mention because when you are done cooking, you get to eat the fruits of your labor, and it’s insanely good. We did the pasta class, and I dream about the sauce all. the. time.

2019-07-01 13.24.32.jpg
2019-07-01 12.24.19.jpg
2019-07-01 11.29.50.jpg

La Cena Di Pitagora / Ponte Nizza

I doubt you’ll randomly find yourself in Ponte Pizza, unless you are visiting one of the 100 people living there. However, if you do, make sure you find yourself here. Remote, simple, refreshing and mindblowingly delicious. You can do the bed and breakfast experience and be so well fed for the day! We wrote about this experience more extensively over here.

2019-07-16 20.13.40.jpg
2019-07-17 19.36.06-1.jpg

Gelateria Artigianale / Alta Bergamo

Hands down the best ice pop I have ever had. Almond milk, dipped in dark chocolate.

Nona Nini / Rovato

Our sweet new friends who know how to cook so well it will bring tears to your eyes offer events. You need to check it out in advance. If you want to feast your eyes on a brunch we shared with them in this video, check it out for more mouthwatering snaps.


Ristorante Cantine Bernardini / Lucca

Clearly marked vegan options are always so comforting. These guys have a good handful, all of which were very good. The standout dish for me was the bread soup. Sounds odd, but trust me, it’s amazing.

2019-06-30 13.49.30.jpg

Italy Vegan Round Up

2019-06-26 16.38.22.jpg

SandwichChic / Florence

Super tiny sweet spot Joey wanted to try and I tagged along in hopes of a vegan option. Staff was knowable about which breads and spreads were vegan and made me a tapenade sandwich which was good. They offer seasonal spreads and veggies, so the menu will be different. It is primarily a meat and cheese shop, but if you are in a bind, it’s a good option.

Photo Jun 26, 4 43 25 PM.jpg

Il Fiore Dell'Oste / Brusaporto

A great spot in the tiny town on Brusaporto. We stayed in this sweet nook for two weeks and it was an incredibly lovely place to perch, despite the shock and awe from the townspeople that American’s would want to spend time in their humble town. We were the one’s shocked! Who wouldn’t want the amazing views, convince, and low low prices of high quality food? These guys do a daily menu which includes a vegan option, both times I was surprised and pleased.

Polent One / Alta Bergamo

One of the only vegan options we found once you get to the elevated old part of Bergamo. It was pretty good, but I was super hungry at this point.

Flower Burger / Chain around Italy

I liked their fries better than their burger, but it’s good to know they exist, all over Italy. I think it was the bun that threw me. I would suggest giving it a try to see what you think. If you are in a pinch though, this is a good option.

2019-07-05 19.10.47.jpg

Da Mimmo Bergamo Alta / Alta Bergamo

A sweet find of mixed meals, I was able to snag a “bread soup” that was vegan while Atlas ate his first food group of pizza and Joey got the post options, and landed on cacio pepe. We enjoyed our experience, but the bread soup was nothing like the amazing one we had in Lucca.

Govinda / Milan

I hadn’t eaten in a Krisha house in a long, long time and it felt like “going home” when we were there. I miss the days in Miami where hardcore and emo bands would play in the temple dining hall and everyone would dance on the tables and then share a big feast afterwards. This took me back. Positioned as a “club” you will be asked to fill out a little ticket with your information. Vegan option was easy, just ask.

Nirvana / Florence

It took a moment to navigate the menu, but once we realized what a deal this spot was, it was obvious we were where the locals eat. We had a fantastic and simple lunch which included dessert and drinks for about $10 a head. This was a great find and work checking out!

Photo Jun 26, 1 10 26 PM.jpg

This list will be updated as new places are discovered! Last updated 8/28/2019

About Vegan RoundUps

When we changed the blog from Making a House a Home (RIP) to Happily Curated Chaos, I had a goal to not only share our travels, but also our world schooling adventures and vegan finds. Please don’t think if you aren’t vegan, this isn’t for you. The amazing thing about vegan food is that it’s for everyone! Many times carnivores don’t even notice they are eating vegan - I know this because I married one.

Being in a family where I am vegan, Atlas is vegetarian, and Joey will suck a snail out of shell while munching on tartar…..can be complicated at times. When I cook, it’s easy. When we go out, it can be super easy or super annoying depending where in the world we are.

A little background was something I figured you all would want before I advise you on “good food”! I have been vegetarian for 35 years, and vegan for nearly 7 of them. I am a 100% non-waitering vegan. I don’t do cheats, I don't turn my head, and I am wildly upset when I find out something isn’t vegan that I was brought to believe was. I am committed to the point this is almost religious for me.

So, why vegan?

My first thought is always “why not vegan”? There are so many pro’s to a vegan diet, but carnivores often approach veganism with all the con’s when the discussion turns to “why”. For me, I can’t really give you some deep soul-filled reason I became vegetarian in the first place, I was five after all. Grinding a dead animal in my mouth felt wrong, so I stopped. It was that simple for me.

Veganism is another story. I made this decision three times in my life and have failed at it twice. Mainly due to pizza. I tried in high school, my 20’s and again in my 30’s. This is the longest span I have been vegan and I am sure it will stick this time.

I committed myself to being vegan, mostly because I have a child now, and the decision I make now affect him. By being vegan, by default, I get to teach him compassion, respect, health and nutrition, self and world preservation, and social impact. I can run through all the statistics and pros and cons if the whole world decided to be vegan, but you can find that information littered all over the internet (and I encourage you to!) - but know it can literally save our world. In my opinion, that’s more powerful than a vote on the ballet. You can do it NOW, there is no age limit, you only need to do you best. Knowing one vegan saves 219,000 gallons of water a year by not drinking milk alone is really remarkable. 10,950 square foot of forest is now saved, because of you and you alone. Imagine if you and someone you know decided to make this change.

If you know me, you know I never preach about being vegan, it’s just a personal choice and mostly viewed as an inconvenience by family and friends that I shrug off or tip toe around. Seeing the state of things rapidly decline has made me feel like I should put myself out there for questions and help and guidance. I decided the best thing I can do is offer super tasty spots for vegan food we find around the world, and round them up in a comprehensive way. That way, no matter where you are, you have a non-bias opinion of both a vegan perspective and a meat eater.

I know you are probably thinking that why should I be telling you how great veganism is if I can’t even get Joey to become vegan. This isn’t about me trying to change you, just put another option out there for you in hopes you replace a few meals a week for something vegan. Maybe even do a two week test. I asked Joey to be vegan for two weeks and he accepted. He eats vegan about 60% of the time as is. He also committed to not eating dairy ice cream, he doesn’t see a difference between vegan and dairy. These are all small and meaningful steps. No-one is perfect. No-one is judging. I am just asking you to think about it, and try it out and I will keep feeding you all the good stuff.

And vegan friend, I hope you find these posts useful and please share with me placed you think we should highlight. The vegan community has been the most amazing community I have been part of and it’s been incredible to see our offerings grow over the years!