Adventure 18 // The Six Hidden Giants by Thomas Dambo in Denmark

Week 14! We can’t believe how quickly the time is passing!

Being in Nature in Denmark is an experience I didn’t think would be so wildly satisfying. There is just something so serine and exciting that simultaneously exists when you enter a foot path or open field in this place. It even brought Joey to say “ let’s move to the middle of the woods”. It’s just so good and clean and fresh in Denmark Nature. It makes sense that biking is such a huge activity (beyond a massive use for transportation) and that the play areas are woven with natural surroundings in mind. Being outside in Denmark is a dream, so searching for The Six Forgotten Giants in Nature in Denmark was basically perfection. It married so many things we love together into one experience. Nature, art, and adventure.

Typically I would think you can see all six giants in one day, by bike. You can probably even do this as a family with a little on their own bike, but we decided to go by foot, as we didn’t have access to a set of family bikes. We had originally thought all the giants were in a single park, but learned from examining the map the artists Thomas Dambo provided his site, that we were very wrong by the time we were going from our first giant to our second giant. This took us about four days to complete, but you can do it much much quicker if you go one after the other. We decided to start each day finding a giant, and spending time in the environment the giant was in. We got to explore so much beauty and parks we would have never gone to, if not on a mission to seek out a new recycled giant piece of art.

Hill Top Trine

We were surprised to see building here when we first went to Hill Top Trine! It’s a nature center with a bathroom and the grounds are simply beautiful! Chickens running around, goats slightly off in the distance, along with horses and cows. The area is just meant for kids to run free and explore nature.

2019-09-01 12.57.43.jpg
2019-09-01 13.05.52.jpg
2019-09-01 12.50.17.jpg
2019-09-01 12.56.09.jpg
2019-09-01 13.01.30.jpg

Teddy Friendly

2019-08-31 11.44.50.jpg
2019-08-31 11.43.40-1.jpg

Teddy Friendly is situated along side a lake, and was very delightful to find. We walked through open golden fields before we were met with some overgrowth and a small path that lead to this giant. This guy was pretty popular, and I suspect it was because we went on a weekend day. We kind of planned our days around finding and spending time with the giants and felt a little pressure to keep moving because of all the people lining up for photos. I defiantly want to go back and spend more time with Teddy because he is situated in such a cool patch of nature.

2019-08-31 11.43.16 HDR.jpg

Oscar Under the Bridge

Oscar was right up there with the popularity of Teddy. He’s is located literally under a bridge and it’s a bike path/walking path that’s pretty active on the weekend. You can see his massive hand reaching up and holding the railing of the bridge. It’s such a fun position, but much more difficult to access for climbing on and spending time.

2019-08-31 12.30.29 HDR.jpg
2019-08-31 12.32.46.jpg
2019-08-31 12.32.44.jpg
2019-08-31 12.30.37.jpg

Sleeping Louis

Atlas immediately ran into Louis’s mouth when we spotted him beyond the brush. The giant is massive and lies in a small clearing just in the break of a walking path. I was surprised to see other people come and go as much as I did when we went to see Louis, as you have to know what you are looking for, for sure! I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised to see people out and about in the woods all hours of all days, the Danish seem to really enjoy time with nature.

2019-08-30 12.20.59 HDR.jpg
2019-08-30 12.24.28 HDR.jpg

Little Tilde

I really loved Little Tilde, and we almost didn’t get to see this giant! The first surrounding her is so magical, we just sat there observing it all. It was a nice quiet place with plenty of room to explore and the park she’s in is really nice to explore. We met some ladies walking who told us about other things to see and every just seemed super friendly in the park.

2019-08-26 14.54.59.jpg
2019-08-28 17.05.18-1.jpg
2019-08-28 17.09.10 HDR.jpg
2019-08-28 17.05.36.jpg
2019-08-28 17.09.04-1.jpg
2019-08-28 17.07.21.jpg

Thomas on The Mountain

We started our journey with Thomas on the Mountain, which was jaw dropping because we had no idea how huge these installations would be. It was just so amazing to approach this massive piece of art, sitting in the woods without a soul around. Atlas immediately got to it, climbing and exploring the lounging giant and Joey and I observed in wonder. The giant was the most difficult for us to find because we had no idea what we were looking for. It was interesting to see we had parked our car very, very close to him after searching for about two hours, but honestly, that’s a lot of the fun.

2019-08-26 14.24.52 HDR.jpg
2019-08-26 15.19.58.jpg
2019-08-26 15.19.43.jpg
2019-08-26 15.27.37 HDR.jpg

This was such a fun adventure! If you want to see more footage, head on over to the travel section of our Instagram! Searching for the trolls was just as fun as spotting them!

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