Adventure 10 // Miami (with kids!)

Growing up in South Florida, I never defaulted to "Miami is a place for kid's!". It was a place to find vegan food (the it didn't exist anyplace else!), go to shows in gritty neighborhoods, bypass on the way to the keys, or take moody photos of high school friends. It was always loud, felt like people were dressed for a rave in the middle of the day.

Over the last few years of being back "home" we have gone to Miami, as a family, probably 50 times. It's proven to be quite the Mecca of fun-things-to-do-as-a-family and has shaped up a lot in the department of grit.

There is a ton to see and do, and we are learning even more with each trip

Try it as a family

  • Wynwood Walls (it's free, it's easy, you'll get cute pics)

  • Fundimention (it's not huge, but its fun and clean)

  • Perez Art Museum (we love it, and save time to spend out back!)

  • Frost Science (we have mixed feelings, but it's worth seeing once)

  • Walk around the Design District

Top Vegan Eats

  • Lemoni Cafe (has meat, but lots of vegan options)

  • Atlas Meat Free Deli (food truck with picnic table set up outdoors)

  • Glam Vegan

  • St. Roch Market (lots of stalls, amazing coffee, handful of vegan options including a “by Chloe” for cake, but go for the whole roasted cauliflower!)

  • L'Artisane Creative Bakery (our very favorite!!)