Adventure 6 // New Orleans Louisiana


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Length of stay: Three Nights

Accommodations: House Rental, Fairgrounds, New Orleans

Travel Time: via Houston to Fairgrounds, New Orleans  5:10

I can't count the amount of times I have meant to go to New Orleans. I have been itching to go forever and a day because of nothing else but to explore it's beautiful architecture. I can't believe we didn't take a single photo of the million and one amazing homes that make up this place! We were on a three week road trip this past summer, and this was the last leg, so I think we were a bit burnt out and ready to relax. We had just embarked on a 10 day trip not too long before this one, so I am going to forgive myself and move along and promise we will go back specifically to take photos of the homes. Sounds fair.

We loved the town, the way it makes you feel like you aren't in America. Lots of the food and coffee were great too!

I loved how beautiful everything was - the same kind of mystery and awe as Savannah. There is certainly more grit to NOLA and I think it has more of an "adult" vibe than Savannah for sure. You can't beat walking around and absorbing it's beauty though. Also, the park and botanical garden was such an awesome treat. They were both done so well and it was incredibly affordable for the park - I believe $2/pp and then tickets for the rides. The botanical garden was free the day we went.


Our Favorite Vegan Spots (in order of deliciousness)

  • Seed

  • 1000 Figs

  • Bearcat Cafe

My favorite place, which we went to twice, was Seed.


  • HiVolt

  • Tea Witch Cafe

Where we Explored

  • Market

  • Botanical Garden + attached park

  • Driving around looking at all the awesome architecture



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