So, this is us.

In all our years of blogging, we have avoided video as much as possible until recently. We figure this journalistic adventure is more visual than anything, so we decided to welcome video with open arms, awkwardness and all. Unlike our home improvement blog, these posts and previous videos will not be instructional, but more informational and hopefully pretty!

We are also attempting more camera time (see below for wildly awkward conversation) to talk about what’s going on. Some things we will be chatting about in the near future are inspired by our Instagram dm questions:

Today holds the 12 day mark until we take off and we, are insanely busy trying to spend time with friends, make sure our businesses are ready for us to leave, checking, double checking, and even triple checking all our packing and itineraries.

First stop?

Italy. I was born 100% Italian and thought it was a good place to start and learn more about my lineage and show Atlas 1/2 of who he is. We have some cooking classes set up, and many sights to see and bikes to ride. When we originally planned this trip, we did not think Italy would be first, but they were the cheapest flights and we had a sincere interest. Also, Atlas has been a food scientist lately and is eager to experiment on many different types of pizza. We are only focusing on Northern Italy because we have work to do in Portugal shortly after and we didn’t want to rush the entire country, two promises we made to ourselves - slow travel and as few planes as possible.

We planned the first six months pretty tightly to accommodate work deadlines, make sure we locked in good rates for transportation, give friends who we are staying with respectable notice, and to breathe some sanity into this idea that traveling the world will in fact be cheaper, healthier, and more educational than living in the states.

I know you are thinking, “cheaper?”. Yep! We will break it down in our next face to face video, promise. It’s our number one questions!

Til next time friend, safe travels!