What Do You Bring on a Trip Around the World?

Not a lot. Honestly. We approached packing all wrong when we started thinking about what we would bring with us for a trip around the world. It will be freezing in Iceland, and sweltering in Mexico and Thailand. We will swim, but we will also play in the snow. We want to capture our adventures, but not be bogged down with equipment. It will rain. It will snow. There will be cool weather days we spend outside because; alpacas. How do you dress for alpaca days? We will go to nice museums and restaurants, but don’t want to pack fussy clothes or shoes we will hardly wear. We will sometimes have a washer and dryer, and these days will be good. These days will allow us to pack light on the clothes, but what about everything else? We are essentially packing a house into a few suitcases. This post will be the first in a series of what we packed, and today we are going to run through “kitchen”, “mudroom”, “bathroom”, and “sound”. We will also break down homeschool, clothes, luggage and packing accessories. If we didn't love something and just have it out of necessity, we skipped it. You know your favorite toothpaste. Unless I come across something outstanding, I am not going to put it here.

Before we break into the video, I wanted to share the methodology of how we got to this combination:

1 checked piece of luggage

3 overhead (two with wheels, one perched on top)

1 carry on backpack

I focused on things that may be hard to find when we were gone. For example: specific curriculum for Atlas if he went ahead or fell behind on a particular topic. Single packet coconut oil. I know me. I know coconut oil will be all over everything unless it’s in tiny packets that are individually sealed with an extra layer of protection over them. Shampoo, bug spray, mouthwash and sunscreen that are not in liquid form - it’s never been a guarantee to find these things, so we brought them with us. I know items will deplete when we are bouncing around, and I am just chalking it up to room for souvenirs and a lighter load.

In all my research, I have concluded, people shed items along the way by donating and gifting things that have now found useless.

The theory is simple:

Get what we can while we are where we are and buy local, buy ethical, buy sustainable.

Pack as light as we can and only check one bag to alleviate lost/stolen/destroyed luggage holding essential items (consider this bag overstock)

We prepared to let go of the things we aren’t using/love using

I created a shop with all our favorite items (if it’s easier to look at everything at once and you ant to just skip ahead), and we add to it all the time - so it’s up to date. Some stuff you’ll need to go to the store and get, some you can order online, easy peasy. We decided this post will act a a resource and we will continue to update it if something fails us or amazing stuff gets added.

This is our travel kitchen, and what we currently find most needed.


roll up utensil kits | single packet coconut oil | single use olive oil | single use honey | coffee alternative (4 servings per pack) | supplements |

reusable food storage/bowl/cup | produce bag | reusable sleeve

Why we love them:

Roll Up Utensil Kit: Includes a fork, knife, spoon, straw, and straw cleaner and has saved us more times than we can count. We have three now instead of just one for Atlas.

Coffee Alternative: Big conversations on our Instagram about breaking free from coffee. Rasa has been my secret weapon to get over the humps. It’s coming with me. I even bought portable coffee press mug to brig with me (less than $10!)!

Reusable Food Storage: These pop up bowls are. big deal for us. We food shop almost every time we travel, and we always need to store produce, tofu, leftovers - and these work so great and take up such little space. You never know what amenities will be available at your destination, so we like having these on hand. The small one is actually a cup.

Popsicle Sleeve: These are like my Swiss Army Knife of travel! These are popsicle sleeves, which you can totally use to make local fruit treats when traveling. Or fill them with vitamins. Or toothbrushes to keep germs contained. Sometimes I fill them with vegan powdered coffee creamer to use to with my favorite coffee alternative. Basically if you need to keep small things clean or separate, they are lifesavers.

This is our bathroom. Like I mentioned above, it’s not everything, but it’s stuff I think you will find useful.


the best hair towel (cuts 20 min of drying time) | tiny towel pellets | kid bug patches | tiny spray sunscreen that fits in small purses (3 pack) | natural and amazing smelling sunscreen stick | the freshest scent soap and water disposable towels | solid mouthwash | stick bug repent | shampoo bar | favorite portable baby wipes (they closed! but here is a close alternative) | one time use mascara, lipstick, bb cream | custom first aid kit ( super tiny tiger balm, eye drops, alcohol whipe pads, cut and scrape ointment individual packets, bandaids) | a high end face wash, serum, and moisture kit

Why we love them:

Handzies soap and water wipes: They smell Amazing! Grab a few before you get on a plane, add to a packed lunch, amusement parks, and anyplace where you may feel “ick” after. They are vegan, all naturally derived ingredients, with no alcohol. Also, no sticky feeling on your hands after you wipe!

JR Liggets bar shampoo: It smells great, it’s super portable, and I highly suggest trying the coconut first.

Everyday Happy Wipes + Water Wipes: I was sad when Everyday Happy closed down, but a friend suggested Water Wipes and I love them just as much. Just water and a drop of fruit oil. Perfectly clean product!

The Pocket Pallete Travel Make Up: These are genius. One part single use mascara, one part bb cream, one park cheek and lip color. SO good for throwing in a purse for after the plane ride/a layover.

Apothederm Travel Kit: This stuff is great! I try to only use it when I travel to reward myself with a little luxury, but I find myself using the serums all the time at home. If you are looking to bring cary on complete lux skin care with you, I would start here.

Fave Speaker + Plug


Our favorite blue tooth speaker and case. We use for watching movies on the computer, Skype calls, playing Spotify, lessons, everything.

after trying 100 international plugs, we love this one and it comes with a case! It has 4 USB ports and has a three prong (vs 2).

Fave Rain Gear


Rain gear + shopping bag that folds up perfectly (you get charged in most places out of the US for a bag, so bring your own!). November Rain hands down makes the best poncho that doesn’t look or feel like a poncho, but more like a jacket.

Travel Car Seat


Our tried and true blow up car seat that’s been with us for years and still inflates perfectly. Bubble Butt compacts super well and is great in a pinch.

So, this is the first of our “What We Packed” series. I am excited to start the conversation about what you bring and why. I would really love to get down to no checked luggage! Let’s see how we do. Thanks for stopping by. If you are new here, check out the About Us page and our Instagram to formally “meet us”, and see where in the world we are.

xo, Lana

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